*** You only need to reserve if you wish to access a private room or if you are part of an institutional group. ***

No reservation needed for family visit.

Here are a couple of advices before doing the reservation:

1) Plan about 3 hours to walk through the museum and 1 hour to stay in the private room. (We are uses to rent the private rooms for preset blocks of 1-hour only).

2) In order to avert problems with guests arriving later or leaving sooner, you should not start and finish with the private room.

3) Please take note that there is no restaurant in the museum. If you rent a private room you have to bring everything that you need ( food, beverages, cake, cuterly, etc...) You can also order from a restaurant nearby.


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Arrival time
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If for a anniversary, please specify name of the child

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  * This is not an official reservation, but a request for a reservation. We will reply by e-mail as soon as possible to confirm your demand.